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Welcome to Program ACTIVE! We launched our new study, Program ACTIVE II, in March, 2013. This study is designed to compare the effectiveness of a combination approach to the treatment of depression and type 2 diabetes. In this study, we are enrolling 216 adults from Indianapolis, southeastern Ohio and north-central West Virginia who have:

  • Type 2 diabetes diagnosed by their doctor for at least 1 year
  • Depression that interferes with daily activities
People who are eligible to participate will be assigned (by chance) to one of four treatment groups in the study. These groups are:
  • Talk therapy which includes 10 sessions of individual counseling
  • Exercise which includes 12-weeks of community-based exercise a membership to a local fitness center at no cost to the participant
  • Talk therapy + Exercise
  • Usual Care
All participants in Program ACTIVE also receive Dining with Diabetes classes at no cost to them. Call now to find out if you qualify for the study: