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How can I join the Program ACTIVE Study?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Program ACTIVE should call us at 1-855-DMACTIV (1-855-362-2848).  When you call this number, a member of the Program ACTIVE study staff will ask you questions about your health and emotions to ensure that the study is a good fit for your needs.

Who is eligible to join Program ACTIVE?

Adults (age 18 or older)  are welcome to call who have:
  • Type 2 diabetes for at least 1 year
  • Feeling sad or blue for 2 weeks or longer
  • Ability to walk or do mild exercise
  • Free from heart conditions or symptoms for at least 2 years
  • Free from treatment for diabetic retinopathy for at least 6 months
  • Advised by your doctor that you are safe to exercise

How does Program ACTIVE work?

Program ACTIVE is a research study designed to test whether combining exercise and talk therapy results in better outcomes for participants than talk therapy alone, exercise alone or usual care.  In order to be able to make this comparison, people who agree to participate in the study will be randomly assigned to 1 of the 4 groups in the study:

  • Talk therapy+Exercise
  • Exercise alone
  • Talk therapy alone
  • Usual care

Talk therapy will consist of 10 free individual sessions with a licensed mental health professional who is a partner in our study.  (click here to see the list of our Mental Health Partners).

Exercise will consist of performing 12 weeks of exercise at moderate safe levels.  People who are assigned to this intervention will receive 6 free exercise classes and free membership to the Fitness Center closest to them (click here to see the list of our Exercise Partners).

Usual care consists of the recommendations that your doctor may make for you to take care of your physical and mental health.

All people who enroll in the study will receive 4 free classes in the Dining with Diabetes diabetes nutrition education program in either Washington County, Ohio or at a county closest to them in West Virginia (click here for more information about Dining with Diabetes).

What will I need to do if I want to see if I am eligible for Program ACTIVE?

The first step will be to call 1-855-DMACTIV and talk with one of our study staff.  They will give you more information about the study and ask you basic questions about your health and how you have been feeling emotionally.  If you qualify for the study, you will then talk with the Project Coordinator in your area who will schedule you for a Baseline Assessment visit at the participating Fitness Center that is closest to you.   At this visit, you will be asked to complete a test of your current fitness, fill out questionnaires about yourself, and talk with the Project Coordinator about your health history.  You will also be asked to share a fasting blood sample so that your cholesterol, glucose and A1c can be measured.  Finally, you will be asked to participate in a phone interview about experiences that you may have had in your lifetime.

In order to make sure that the study is a good fit for you, all of your information will be reviewed by the study team.  You will then be contacted by the Project Coordinator to know about next steps.  If the study is a good fit for your medical and emotional needs, you will be assigned to one of the groups and given information about the next Dining with Diabetes class in your area.  Your test result information will also be sent to you and your primary care physician for your use.